Vision of COC

Our Mission Statement:

“Christian Outreach Centre is a growing movement of churches committed to leading people to Christ and training men and women to significantly influence nations toward God.”

Our Outward Vision:

We have a clear, effective vision for our people, our cities, our nations and beyond:
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To raise up people strong in faith and Godliness, each fulfilling his/her God-ordained destiny.

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To grow as a church, a closely-knit family, an army of righteousness, a light in the darkness, ministering effectively to all sectors of our society.


To pioneer across our nations churches with a break-through anointing, each permeating a large radius, thereby equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and reaching out to save lost souls.


To fulfil the Great Commission and preach the gospel to every creature, joining ranks across international borders to affect Europe and our World for Christ.

Heart of the Movement

Christian Outreach Centre is one body of people, joined by relationship, meeting in many geographical locations.

Our expressed aim is to win many nations for the Lord Jesus Christ as a people of one heart, one mind and one purpose.

As is true in every situation, our determination to succeed must exceed the determination of the devil to prevent us.

Therefore, our determination to maintain our precious unity will always be strong, because God has said that where there is unity, He will command His blessing.

We must, at all costs, nurture our love for one another as brethren, attacking criticism and separation as plagues.

Our unity is a blessing above price. Guard it well!