History of Christian Outreah Centre

Australia (Origin)

Birthed out of a passion for God and a vision for revival through Australia, Christian Outreach Centre began in Brisbane, Australia, in 1974. With unprecedented momentum, the vision spread, to incorporate many Australian cities and towns soon extending its influence to other nations of the earth.

The powerful preaching was gospel based and resulted in many people coming to know Jesus Christ. Hundreds were experiencing a new dimension of God’s Spirit, as they found new freedom in praise and worship and saw God move in miracles and healings.
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From the initial 25 people meeting in a room, this pioneering movement has exploded to include thousands of people in more than 40 nations.

In 1993, a European base was established by Australian Pastors Ashley & Ruth Schmierer. They pioneered a church in Brighton, England, which has grown to be a strategic apostolic European base, outworking the vision that God has given to Christian Outreach Centre, throughout the United Kingdom, Western and Eastern Europe and now incorporating other nations of the world.
Christian Outreach Centre has activated its vision by running pastor’s and leader’s training schools, regional gatherings, and other events targeted to train and equip God’s leaders of the future. Churches are raised up and labourers are sent with the goal to reach every person on the planet with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. This practical love is also administered through Christian Outreach Centre’s European humanitarian aid organisation ‘Global Compassion’.
Our aim is to impact Europe and beyond with hope and vision, to be a positive force for change and reformation in our nations. Together we will “Reach our World for Christ”.

What We Believe

The declaration of faith

The Holy Scriptures – Their inspiration and infallibility
The Godhead – comprising Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The Lord Jesus Christ – His humanity, deity, virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death for the sins of the world, resurrection for our justification, Ascension to the Father’s right hand, and personal return to reign upon earth
Salvation – By faith in and confession of Jesus Christ as Lord, producing an upright and moral life
The Ordinances – Water Baptism, for all believers by immersion, the Lord’s Supper, celebrated regularly in remembrance of Christ
Divine Healing – Secured for every believer through the atonement of Christ; and deliverance from all bondage to the power of Satan
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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit – With speaking in other tongues
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit – For the equipment of ministry and the edification of the Church; the fruit of the Holy Spirit as the expression of Christian character in believers
The Church Universal – Comprising all born again believers of all nations and denominations under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ
Bible Prophecy – Its fulfilment in world events, heralding the climax of this age and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ
To allow the Holy Spirit total freedom to govern, to lead and to direct the move of the Centre
To raise up a standard of righteousness in the life of the nation.

The world you are waiting for is right now waiting for you! We passionately believe that the good news of Jesus Christ can propel you into your life’s purpose.

You are welcome to visit any of our churches. Love to see you soon!

Vision of COC

Our Mission Statement:

“Christian Outreach Centre is a growing movement of churches committed to leading people to Christ and training men and women to significantly influence nations toward God.”

Our Outward Vision:

We have a clear, effective vision for our people, our cities, our nations and beyond:
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To raise up people strong in faith and Godliness, each fulfilling his/her God-ordained destiny.

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To grow as a church, a closely-knit family, an army of righteousness, a light in the darkness, ministering effectively to all sectors of our society.


To pioneer across our nations churches with a break-through anointing, each permeating a large radius, thereby equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and reaching out to save lost souls.


To fulfil the Great Commission and preach the gospel to every creature, joining ranks across international borders to affect Europe and our World for Christ.

Heart of the Movement

Christian Outreach Centre is one body of people, joined by relationship, meeting in many geographical locations.

Our expressed aim is to win many nations for the Lord Jesus Christ as a people of one heart, one mind and one purpose.

As is true in every situation, our determination to succeed must exceed the determination of the devil to prevent us.

Therefore, our determination to maintain our precious unity will always be strong, because God has said that where there is unity, He will command His blessing.

We must, at all costs, nurture our love for one another as brethren, attacking criticism and separation as plagues.

Our unity is a blessing above price. Guard it well!